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Introduction To ExcelIntroduction to Excel Class

Our Introduction to Excel course teaches basic skills like:

  • How to navigate
  • How to enter/edit text
  • How to create new workbooks
  • How to create basic formulas (Sum, Average, Count, VLookup, SumIfs)
  • How to create pivot tables
  • How to format and print
  • How to make charts
  • How to sort, filter and subtotal
  • Where to get help!

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Advanced ExcelAdvanced Excel Class

Our Advanced Excel class teaches intermediate skills like:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Functions (Subtotal, Vlookup, Index/Match, If, Sumifs, Countifs, IfError, Text functions)
  • Data validation
  • Data analysis (Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, Forecasting, Goal Seek, Scenarios)
  • Formula auditing
  • Macros
  • Learn MoreCollaboration
  • Where to get help!

Excel VBA CourseExcel VBA Course

Our Excel VBA course teaches advanced macro skills like:

  • Programming logic and pseudocode
  • Variables
  • The VB Editor
  • Work with cells, ranges, and sheets
  • Decision controls – If/Then Select/Case
  • Looping controls – For/Next For/Each Do/While While/Wend
  • Workbook events
  • Use or write functions
  • Learn MoreUser forms
  • Where to get help!

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Intro to Excel Introduction to Excel Outline
Advanced Excel Advanced Excel Outline
Excel VBA VBA Course Outline

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